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Points Program
Points Program
How to set up the points expiry
IntroductionPoints expiry is a feature that resets a customer's points balance to zero after a certain period of inactivity. Customer points will expire if they have not earned or spent points in the time period you've selected.OverviewHow to set up points expiryCommon questionsOverviewPoints expiry is a fantastic way to boost your redemption rate as it encourages customers to re-engage with your program and spend their points.How to set up points expiryYou can enable the points expiry feature on the Points program.Click the Enable button in the Points expiry section to turn the feature on.In order to make your program's points expiry as effective as possible, you have the opportunity to customize the following elements:To add an expiration for your Loloyal Loyalty points, follow these steps:From your dashboard, go to Programs > Points.Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see Points Expiry.Check the box Reset points balance to zero after a certain period.Enter the number of months after which your customer points will expire.Save your changes.Now, when they log in, your customers will see when their points are set to expire:Expiration period You have the choice of setting an expiration that is either 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years after the date you activate your points expiry.Common questionsWhat period of time can I set?Minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 60 months.Which situations do you consider for the expiry?Points expire unless a customer spends or earns points through any 'Way to Earn' enabled in your Points Program (e.g. Place an order).Is there an example?Let's say you enabled the feature on November 30, 2022, and set the points to expire for 12 months.Points will expire only if a customer hasn't earned or spent points for a continuous period of 12 months:・Situation A: Customer A earned points on December 4, 2022. → Customer A's points expire on December 4, 2023.・Situation B: Customer B redeemed points on March 7, 2023. → Customer B's points expire on March 7, 2024.・Situation C: Customer C never earns or redeems points between November 30, 2021. till November 30, 2022. → Customer C's points expire on November 30, 2022.If your customers remain active within the period of 12 months, we will check the last activity date to calculate the new expiration date.When does the point expiration feature take effect?Will be effective immediately.
Automatically adjust points on refunded or cancelled orders
Automatically sync the order payment amount in Shopify to reflect the points your customer should receive. Below, you'll find a guide on how to configure automatic points adjustments when an order is refunded, partially refunded or cancelled/voided.In this article:Customize your points refunds settingsHow points are adjusted when an order is -refunded or cancelledCommon questionsTo switch this feature on, follow the steps below.From your Loyalty dashboard click on Settings.Click Order Settings.Scroll down to Points Cancellations and tap the checkboxes.Click Save to save your settings!How points are adjusted when an order is refunded or cancelled.Deduct points awarded through an order if the order's financial status changes to any of the following 3 statuses: Refunded, Partially Refunded, and Voided or Cancelled. Let's take a look at the table below which walks through how that affects a customer, and what you should expect as the merchant.When an order is refunded.All the points the customer earned from that order will be deducted from their balance.If you fully refund the order through Shopify, all points earned from the order will be deducted from the customer's balance.Example: John places an order for $100 and receives 100 points. You have to refund the full order because John's size is out of stock. Once you refund John through Shopify, John will have the loyalty points earned from this purchase deducted from his account automatically.When an order is partially refunded.Only the $ amount points equivalent will be deducted.If you partially refund an order, the equivalent number of points will be deducted from the customer's balance.Example:John places an order for $100 and earns 100 points. Later he decides to return an item worth $50. John will be deducted 50 points from his account automatically.When an order is voided/cancelled.Just like the refunded status, the full amount of points will be deducted from the customer's balance.If you void or cancel an order, all points earned from the order will be deducted from the customer's balance.Example: John calls on the phone to place an order for $100, after you create the order in Shopify, the points are awarded to John. John calls back and says he is going to place an order in store instead, so you cancel the order in Shopify. Once cancelled, John will have the points deducted from their account automatically.Common questionsHow long does the points adjustment take?Once the order is cancelled or refunded in Shopify, the points adjustment usually takes 15-30 seconds for the customer.Will the customer be notified that their points were deducted?No. The customer won't be notified of any changes to their points balance. They will see a Points canceled - Placed an order event in their activity log.Will this also work on POS orders?Yes! Check out how to Earn and spend points in-store using Shopify POS.Will this work on custom ways to earn created with Shopify Flow?This feature is currently compatible with the Way to Earn: Placed an Order and will not work with any custom earning rules. You can adjust points earned via custom rules manually in the customer's profile.Can the app automatically adjust points on exchanged orders?This feature is not yet readily available, points are automatically adjusted if the exchange requires a refund but the app does not adjust points when customers are required for an additional payment. However, it has been noted and added to our Product Roadmap, where you can add your vote for this feature!
Getting Started with the VIP Program
VIP program overviewAs a business owner, you know the importance of building strong connections with your customers. That's why Loloyal Loyalty & Referrals offers a VIP Program that can help you do just that. By implementing this program, you can give your most loyal customers the recognition they deserve, foster deeper engagement, and provide an unbeatable shopping experience. It's a win-win for both you and your customers.📝 Note: VIP Tiers are available on the Growth plan and up.Why Run a VIP Program? Running a VIP Program can be highly beneficial for your business. It offers your customers an exclusive avenue of loyalty beyond regular reward structures. Here are some reasons why having a VIP Program is crucial: 1. Encourages Higher Spending VIP programs incentivize customers to spend more to unlock exclusive benefits. This motivates them to make increased purchases, which in turn drives your overall sales. 2. Enhances Customer RetentionBy providing exclusive rewards and a sense of prestige, VIP programs foster stronger emotional connections with your customers, consequently improving customer retention rates. 3. Boosts Customer SatisfactionVIP programs can include tailored rewards and services, improving overall customer satisfaction and driving positive word-of-mouth. 4. Differentiates Your BrandOffering a VIP program sets your business apart in a crowded market, giving customers more reasons to choose you over competitors. Setting up an effective VIP Program with Loloyal is a straightforward process, with numerous customization options available to best suit your store's specific needs and use cases. Check out the following sections to learn more.An Overview about Loloyal VIP ProgramThe VIP Program revolves around the VIP Tiers, which are set by default as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These tiers provide a range of benefits to your customers, with the hierarchy of rewards increasing as they move up the tiers. You can customize these tiers to match your brand's aesthetics and philosophy. Initially, new customers will join the program as first-level tier members and will be eligible for progressive rewards as they advance through the ranks.In this article we'll cover the different parts of the VIP program, VIP tiers, settings that can be configured, and how to go live with your VIP program.VIP Program StatusThe toggle switch at the top of the page enables or disables the VIP Program. Customers will only be able to progress through tiers and view the program if this switch is turned on.📝 Note: When you update VIP Program Settings, your customers' tiers will automatically recalculate. During this time, the VIP Program will be temporarily disabled.VIP TiersVIP Tiers are the levels that your customers go through in the VIP Program. You can add VIP tiers as you want, with at least one being mandatory. The first tier, which serves as the entry-level tier for all customers, has a goal of zero. You can customize each tier's name, goal, rewards, and other details by clicking on 'Edit.'Program Start DateThis setting allows you to choose the date from which customers can start earning points or making purchases that count towards their VIP tier progression. For example, if a customer has earned 500 points (200 in January and 300 in March), and your Program Start Date is in February, only the 300 points earned from February onwards will be counted towards their next VIP tier. Please note that customer activity can only be tracked from the moment they install the app. Entry MethodThis section enables you to define the criteria for customers to advance through VIP tiers. - Points Earned: This method bases customer progression on the total points earned through your Points Program. Customers' progress through the VIP tiers is determined by the cumulative points they have earned. - Amount Spent: This method determines VIP tier progression based on the total amount customers have spent in your store.MilestoneThis section allows you to specify the duration in which customers must achieve a VIP Tier. - Lifetime: If you choose this option, customers have an unlimited time frame to reach the different VIP Tiers once they become members of your loyalty program.Function tips:This type of milestone period is ideal when:* Your customers place larger orders that are spread out over longer periods of time.* You aim to establish a long-term relationship with customers whose purchasing patterns are more spaced out.For instance, suppose your store sells luxury handbags. Once a customer purchases a handbag from your store, they may not consider buying another one until the following year. By offering VIP program benefits, you provide that extra motivation for them to make their next purchase with your store.Common Questions1. Can I change the minimum points required for the entry-level tier?No. All new loyalty members will automatically start at this level, which is set at 0.2. Is it possible to add less than 3 VIP tiers to my program?Yes. However, please note that you must have at least one tier in your loyalty program.3. How many tiers should I add to my loyalty program?As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to use a simple 2 - 4 tier program as it seems to be the most effective.
Setting up your VIP Tiers with Loloyal
IntroductionAs a business owner, establishing a VIP Tier system in Loloyal can be a game-changer for customer engagement and loyalty. In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step process of creating a well-structured VIP Tier system that meets your particular business needs. The VIP Tiers in Loloyal consist of three pre-set levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold; however, you can customize these tiers by naming them, adding custom icons, defining goals, and allocating rewards and additional benefits. So, whether you want to reward your customers with exclusive discounts, access to early releases, or exceptional customer service, this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to set up VIP Tiers in Loloyal.Editing VIP TiersUpon opening the VIP Program, you will notice that there are already three tiers configured: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you wish to make changes to these tiers, simply follow the steps below:From your Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > VIP.Click Edit on the tier you'd like to configure.1. Tier NameLet's start by naming your tier. Although Bronze, Silver, and Gold are pre-set names, you can choose any name you like. It's crucial to select a catchy name for your tier. It's worth doing some initial research on successful loyalty programs. For inspiration, take a look at Starbucks (Starbucks Rewards), Sephora (Beauty Insider), and KFC (Beauty Squad). Even though they are large established brands, studying how they've structured and designed their programs will be beneficial in creating yours.2. Goal to achieve tierWhen setting up a tiered loyalty program, it is important to define the threshold that a customer must meet to unlock each tier. This threshold can be determined based on the total points earned, the amount spent, or the number of orders placed since the Program Start Date. By establishing clear and specific goals for each tier, you can give your customers a sense of accomplishment and progress as they work towards unlocking the next level of benefits. This gamification element has been proven to be an effective way to increase customer engagement and loyalty towards your store.3. Special points earning rewards rules One of the easiest ways to differentiate your VIP tiers is with the number of points customers can earn at each level. This type of reward is often referred to as a special reward and awards a different number of points per dollar spent to every VIP tier.3.1 What special points earning rewards rules areIf you're running a 3-tiered VIP program, your base rewards could be set up as follows:Bronze, Silver, and GoldBronze (Tier 1) — 100 points per dollar spentSilver (Tier 2) — 200 points per dollar spentGold (Tier 3) — 500 points per dollar spent📝 Tips: If you enable this option when the customer places an order, points will be obtained according to the earning rules set by the customer's current VIP tier.Let's say you set your general point-earning rule to earn 10 points for every $1 spent.Bronze members earn 100 points for every dollar spent.Members who have reached the Bronze level at this time will earn 100 points for every dollar spent.3.2 How to set up special points earning rewards rules conditions for VIP tiersTo set up tier-specific earning conditions in your Points program, you can add a new earning action. First, choose the tier you want to create a rule for. Then, open a "Provide special point reward rules for VIP" action and decide how many points that tier's members should earn for every dollar spent. Create the rule and select the VIP tier to which you want this earning action to apply. After saving your changes, customers in that VIP tier will start earning points based on the number of points per dollar you set. To see the complete breakdown of the earning rules scale, you can navigate to the VIP benefits card located within your customer panel. Once there, you will have access to a detailed overview of the various benefits and rewards available to you based on your loyalty level.4. Rewards to UnlockIn this section, you have the ability to create exclusive rewards that customers can unlock after reaching a specific tier. Loloyal's platform enables you to include secret rewards that remain concealed until the customer achieves the designated tier level. This feature allows you to surprise and delight your customers, making them feel special and appreciated, while also incentivizing them to continue engaging with your business to unlock even more rewards.Types of VIP Tier Rewards to Unlock include:Amount Discount:  Add a fixed coupon to an order or specific collection. Percentage Off: Add a percentage off coupon to an order or specific collectionFree Shipping: Offer a coupon for free shippingFree Product: Select a product from your store to offer for freeOffer enticing rewards aligned with customer preferences to boost loyalty program engagement. 🌟 Conduct research, gather insights, and personalize rewards for a tailored customer experience. 💡 Enhance engagement, retention, and brand image for a competitive edge.🚀
Reward customers for their birthdays
For a better reading experience, please click here. Thank you!IntroductionEnhance customer experience with personalized birthday rewards in your loyalty program! 🎂🎁 Show customers you value them and stand out from competitors. Don't miss the chance to make your customers feel special! 🌟 #CustomerExperience #LoyaltyProgramHow the customer birthday rewards workCustomers who have a Loloyal account can add their birthday to their profile. To do so, they need to log in to Loloyal widget and go to the "Ways to Earn" section. And then we go and find the option for birthday rewards. Don't hesitate to click on it now.After entering the date in MM/DD format and clicking 'Save Date', customers will be eligible for birthday rewards based on the acquisition rules you have set.To prevent customers from exploiting the points system by falsely claiming their birthday is today or tomorrow, we have implemented an additional layer of security. You can adjust this security measure by accessing the Loloyal points rules settings page. Whenever a customer is eligible to receive a Birthday Reward, a redeem button will appear.Setting up Birthday RewardsBirthday validity periodSet a deadline for birthday rewards to prompt customers to redeem them promptly. ⏰✨ Encourage timely reward usage, streamline the program, and ensure fairness for our customers.Options explainedOnly on birthdayReward will be valid on the customer's birthdayOn the month of birthdayThe reward will be valid in the month of the customer's birthday (natural month)CustomizeBirthday rewards will be issued in the date range you set for your birthday distribution.Safety restrictions for birthday fillingAdd security by setting a time limit on birthday reward claims to ensure fairness and prevent fraud. 🎂🔒 Protect your program integrity and business while rewarding deserving customers.Once this option is enabled, customers must meet the designated early fill time to receive the birthday rewards.View customer birthdaysAfter a customer saves their birthday to their account, you can access this information in their customer profile under the Customers section of your Loloyal admin.📋 Note:  Customer fill-in date of birthday will be changed when the customer enters or modifies their birthday.📝 Pro Tip: If a customer needs to update their date of birth, they can do so through the birthday reward section in their customer panel.
Deciding How Much Points are Worth
In Loloyal, you have the option to choose how many points customers need to collect in order to redeem them for store discounts.You can easily set the value of your points in the settings of your points account:When determining how much each discount should cost in points, we typically recommend beginning with how many points customers earn for each purchase.For example, let's say that each time a customer spends $1, they earn 10 points. That means that after they've spent $100, they'll have 1,000 points. They might earn points for some of the other campaigns you've set up in the settings section of your account as well, but most of their points will be earned via purchases.
Points for Purchases Campaign
Points for Purchases is a purchase-based campaign that lets you incentivize your customers with loyalty points for every dollar they spend on an item OR for purchase of every specific product that you want to promote. This campaign is an effective way to retain loyal shoppers by motivating them to add more items to their carts to earn more points.