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Getting Started
Getting Started
Getting Started with the Points Program
The Points Program serves as your guidelines in giving out reward points to the customers. This is where you can create and specify details on how customers can earn points, how many points they can earn, and what rewards they can redeem using their accumulated points.Earning Points1. From the main menu, go to Program.2. In the Points window, make sure the status is enabled.3. In the Earn Points section, choose how the customer will be able to earn the points and enable the campaign. In the example below, we chose Make a purchase. This will allow the customer to earn points each time he purchases from the store.A. Click Add ways to earn points.B. Choose the Earning Type :Increments of points (recommended for purchases) This gives out a specific number of points each time the amount that you have set is reached. Eg. 5 points for every 1 USD spent.Fixed amount This gives out a specific number of points for a completed transaction regardless of the amount. Eg. 10 points for every transaction.C. Set the number of points you want to grant to the customer.D. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.You can now begin informing your customers that they can earn 5 points for every dollar of their purchase!Common questionsIs the app compatible with multiple currencies?Loloyal is compatible with your store's default currency ONLY. The points awarded on completed orders will always correspond to the value of the order in your store's default currency. Even if you are using Shopify's Advanced plan, or Geolocation app to allow customers to checkout in their own currency, the points will be based on the order's value in your store's default currency.Are taxes and shipping charges included when customers earn points?It's an optional setting on Loloyal. Please go to Settings > Orders > Define order total to customize your program based on your needs. If you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 live chat support. Thank you!
Supported browsers and devices
Learn which browsers and devices are supported for the best customer experience.IntroductionFor the best experience, Loloyal UI, Loloyal Admin, and Loloyal for Shopify POS are supported on the following browsers and devices.Operating SystemsMobile devicesDesktop browsersMobile browsersOperating SystemsWindows - latest two releases (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)Mac - latest two releases (High Sierra and Mojave)Mobile devicesApple iPad - the latest two releases of iOSAndroid Tablet - the latest two releases of AndroidDesktop browsers Safari - latest two releases for MacSafari - latest two releases for MacChrome - latest two releases for Mac and PCFirefox - latest two releases for Mac and PCEdge - latest two releases for PCMobile browsersSamsung Internet - latest two releases for AndroidChrome Mobile - latest two releases for Android and iOSMobile Safari - latest two releases for iOS📋 Note: A release refers to the latest major version of a browser or device. For example, the latest two releases of Safari might be 10.x.x and 11.x.x, for iOS, this might be iOS 11.x.x or iOS 12.x.x.
How to use Loloyal Label
Loloyal LabelThe feature provides the ability to display the number of reward points a buyer can earn upon purchasing a particular product. This information is presented right next to the product price, which helps the buyer make a more informed decision. The system calculates the reward points based on the product's price, and the buyer can use these points to avail of discounts or other benefits in the future.If your Shopify online store theme is version 1.0Please navigate to "Brand Style" > "Growth Tools" > "Loloyal Label" and enable the label status.Congratulations! Now you can view the label that shows how many points you will earn for purchasing the product.If your Shopify online store theme is version 2.0Please navigate to "Brand Style" > "Growth Tools" > "Loloyal Label" > "Go to theme editor".Then, go to the themes edit page, select "Add section" or "Add block", and add Loloyal app. Now you can customize Loloyal label on the left side editing section. Once it's done, you can hold Loloyal block and move it to any place, for example, under the product price, then the label will display under your product price.Please kindly note that if the label shows 0 points, it could be the product's price does not reach the amount you set for your customers to get points. It is suggested that you set a lower amount = lower points so all of your products can be assigned points to be earned. That will encourage the customers to buy more since every product has points to be earned. 💞If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our 24/7 live support. Thank you!
How to earn and spend points on Loloyal
The Loloyal software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use. When it comes to earning points and redeeming coupons, the process is straightforward and interactive. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, including selecting the coupon you want to use, copying it to the Shopify checkout page, and then enjoying the savings. Ways to earn: how do I earn points?How can a customer earn points?Within the 'ways to earn' section of your rewards panel, you can accumulate points. To earn points through social media (such as liking on Facebook or following on Instagram) or by completing a birthday earning action, simply click on the panel. Points for creating an account (signing up), placing an order, and/or writing a product review will be credited to your account immediately, provided that you are logged in and using the same email address as your store account. Note: All the earning actions listed under ways to earn will vary dependent on the store/site that you are purchasing from. Ways to redeem: how do I spend points?How can a customer spend points?To use your earned points, visit the 'ways to redeem' section of your rewards panel. This section displays the number of points needed to claim a reward or discount. Before redeeming your points, ensure that you are logged into the rewards panel.Once you have enough available points, you can select 'Redeem' - again within the rewards panel; click 'Apply code' for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout.Once you redeem a reward, it will appear under 'Your Activity'. It's worth noting that only one reward is allowed per order.How to use Loloyal coupons on Shopify?Using the Loloyal software is so easy and interactive! It's that simple! Redeeming and using coupons is a breeze and only takes a few simple steps.First, open the Loloyal rewards panel and log in to your account.Then, choose the reward you want to redeem and make sure you have enough points.Enter the discount code you received during checkout and apply it!