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Getting Started with Referrals
Getting Started with Referrals

Referrals are a brilliant way of expanding your market and gaining more customers as your existing customers can send new customers directly to your store. Show your appreciation to customers who become advocates for your business by creating a rewards program for them.

Enabling the Referral Program

  • From the Home page, go to Referrals page
  • Slide the switch to the ON position for the Referral Program Status.

Creating Rewards for referrals

1. In the Referral Rewards section, there are two default referral rewards you can edit, one for the Referred Friend and one for the Referring Customer. In this example, we will create the reward for the Referring Customer.

2. Click the Add Reward button.

3. Choose the type of reward. In the example above, we chose Percentage Off.

4. Set your preferred settings in the following fields:

  • Reward Title - The name of the reward
  • Reward - The discount value of the reward
  • Min Requirement - Set a minimum purchase value the reward can be used on
  • Apply to - Apply the reward to all your products or specific Collections

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